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Scratch protection / marking protection -
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Scratch / Marking Protection

Bumping, impacting, gripping, holding, tightening or falling into – not matter how insubstantial the impact, hard enough to leave impressions on sensitive bulk goods or valuable individual parts. Sliding and gliding typically causes scratches and sanding marks with annoying consequences.

Soft, protected surface characteristics are synonymous with avoiding such problems. Their permanent effect caused by glued-on rubber pieces or plastic covers is limited, however, owing to the insufficient adhesion.



Elastic, flexible coatings protect the part against impacts and distribute the external pressure. Punctual stresses are attenuated. Soft and ideally diffusely structured contact areas offer varying points of support for gliding processes so that scratching can take place on an extended surface. Gliding along the same line which otherwise occurs is thus avoided.


Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 500/700 -

MetaLine Series 500/700 coatings can be adapted individually to the type of protection required for the individual part as from a minimum hardness of 60 Shore A. Series 500 additionally offers structured surfaces. For most execution variants pharma- ceutical / food compatibility certificates according to FDA 177.1680 (Title 21) are available.

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