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Repair / breakage / leakage -
if spare parts are practically not available

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Repair / Rupture / Leakage

Component failure might put a production out of service within a few seconds. Long non-operational times, on the one hand, and high repair cost, on the other hand, require industry-wide permanently available repair materials and maintenance technologies.

The MetaLine Series XL synthetic-ceramic repair materials to be processed in cold form have proven themselves for more than 5 decades now when it comes to such machine downtimes – a remarkable history.



Regenerating worn metal components or surfaces rapidly and professionally with the help of trowels or brushes or by pouring. Development of this synthetic process was done specifically for on-site applications by in-house personal for the following areas, i.e.:

  • rupture / breackage
  • wear and tear
  • leakage
  • erosion / corrosion
  • abrasion

MetaLine ceramic repair compounds feature an extremely good adhesion to metal substrates, enormous chemical resistance and high linear wear resistance. They should be available as a kind of professional tool for emergencies – so that damaged and worn parts can still be used and do not have to be disposed of. Not a chance for spare part shortages, high maintenance cost, production downtimes and wasted resources.

Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine ceramic repair compounds Series XL in three different consistencies varying only according to their way of processing:

Ceramic compound SXL
  pasty, applicable by trowel, thin layer
Ceramic compound KXL
  liquid, applicable by brush/pourable, thin layer
Ceramic compound CXL
  pasty, applicable by trowel, thick layer

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