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Noise protection / drone protection
to make sure that important things are heard

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Noise Protection / Sound Deadening

Noise is one of the most unpleasant and health-hazardous effects. Particularly monotone and permanent noise levels or extremely high-frequency pulsating signals can create unbearable working conditions. Regarding noise protection, one must differentiate fundamentally between two different types of noise transmission, i.e.

Air-borne noise – propagates in the air and can only be combated after its occurrence by absorbing or refracting measures. These are, in general, very voluminous and have to be attached visibly in form of boards, cones or geometric structures in the area of preferred sound propagation.

Structure-borne noise – propagates initially in the structure of the sound source and only then becomes air-borne noise. Fortunately, it is hence possible to combat structure-borne noise already during its occurrence by resonance-changing measures directly at the noise source effectively. This results in noticeable reduction of permanent noise levels and particularly in an enormous decrease of peak effects, e.g. caused by impact. Furthermore, the overall frequency is reduced and the resulting lower sounds are classified as much more pleasing.



Providing sound deadening for surfaces by means of structure-borne noise coatings – seamless, humidity-protected and decoratively – as required in accordance with international FDA pharmaceutical and food standards.

Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine 440 -

Sound deadening and noise protection coating

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