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Optimization of automation / conveying -
so that everything runs smoothly

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Automation / Feeding Optimization

The tried and tested idea behind the MetaLine Series 500 coating system is adapting the important surface characteristics of an automation coating individually to the material to be fed. Only such a professional feeding specialization allows an even, rapid, careful and low-noise transport or gripping process on a permanent basis.

The objectives are as follows:

  • part protection
  • noise reduction
  • performance increase
  • lifetime extension
  • dirt reduction


Process involved

The MetaLine Series 500 coating is adapted individually to each component regarding its hardness, static friction, thickness, surface structure and color. Furthermore, the coating sprayed on under high pressure has no seams at all and is thus protected against infiltration of matter (such as oil) and separation. And what about the cost?

This aspect, without doubt, will be a pleasant surprise for you, and the same goes for the quality:

  • abrasion-resistant
  • slip-proof / slide-enhancing
  • impact-absorbing
  • ideal for rubber or oily problematic parts
  • precisely contoured / seamless
  • disinfectable / sterilizable

In addition to its extraordinary wear resistance, the MetaLine process is most convincing due to its individuality. True pharmaceutics & food characteristics according to FDA standards (CFC 177.1680) and EU 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 round off the service portfolio. MetaLine has been approved by all leading European Feeding Manufacturers. Lifetime results of up to 280.000 tons output capacity may be cited.

MetaLine Series 500 is available throughout Europe. Thanks to its technical versatility, longevity and an optimum cost-benefit ratio, it is ideally suited structurally for new systems and for optimizing already existing feeding systems. Standard coatings can be achieved within 3-4 working days. For a surcharge, 24-hour-express manufacture is also possible depending on availability.


Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 500 - individually optimize transport processes. Four different materials varying in hardness and static friction are available to achieve this:

Soft - high static friction
  for oily materials - MetaLine 560
Semi-soft - medium static friction
  for metal materials - MetaLine 580
Semi-hard - medium static friction
  for plastic materials - MetaLine 590
Hard - low static friction
  for rubber materials - MetaLine 598

More information

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